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  • We are surrounded by a readily available source of perpetual energy. 
  • The Ocean is the most powerful engine on Earth.
  • Tidal Power offers boundless opportunity.
  • We can harness the tide to generate electricity.
  • But, first, we must create demand by generating awareness.
  • It’s time for the extraordinary benefits of Tidal Power to begin surging through our collective consciousness.
  • Sea level rise will create infrastructure nightmares for port cities around the globe. 
  • Coastal change will put enormous strain on the power grid and demand unprecedented consumption of coal and oil. 
  • Think about that for a moment. 
  • We're preparing to use fossil fuels, the source of the problem, to combat sea level rise, when we could be using Tidal Power. 
  • If we aren't smart enough to change direction before this gets out of control, we deserve to choke on our own toxic atmosphere. 
  • It's time to speed development of infinitely sustainable, inexpensive, environmentally sound Tidal Power.
  • Tidal Power Is The Solution To Pollution.
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The Future Of Tidal Power


You are face to face with the future.

Shoreline Earth Tidal Power Generator #1

A Simple Idea, Perfected

  • #1 sits on the seabed, facing the tide, turning 180 degrees to operate during incoming or outgoing flow.
  • The slow, steady, unimaginably powerful movement of the tide over the bottom rotates the blades, turning the horizontal shaft with very high torque.
  • A 90 degree transmission increases the speed of rotation on a vertical shaft which spins an outer rotor generator placed horizontally inside the enclosure.
  • The key to success is perfecting this simple idea.
  • The resource is there for us to utilize.
  • The advent of sea level rise gives us a compelling reason to speed development of Tidal Power.