A view like no other

The Natural Course Of Events


  • TRUMP’s view on Climate is the same as he stated on Saudi Arabia.
  • There’s too much money at stake to bother with the truth.
  • Nothing further.


  • TRUMP said, during the campaign, "I love the poorly educated."
  • He was following my line of thought from a decade ago, and twisting it into his own version of The Future.
  • This is the result.
  • Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Carbon Emissions are in the hands of rich old white guys enjoying their Last Hurrah.
  • The Future is being decided by men with no future.
  • So what if these self-serving cretins foul the atmosphere with their carbon stench.
  • What do they care?
  • They'll be in their mausoleums before the serious caca hits the fan.
  • But first, they're going to rub it in our noses by wheeling and dealing, glad handing, and backslapping one another for getting away with being so clever and ruthless.
  • Attaboy! 

Welcome To The Frontier

Frontier USA.

This is uncharted territory. 

We The People v. Confusion To The Enemy

The Enemy Is Us.

Divide This, M'fer.

United We Stand.


The Motion Of The Ocean

Is The Solution To Pollution. 

Tidal Power consumes zero.

All we do is borrow energy from the tide

Tidal Power will ease the economic burden of sea level rise, while expediting development of a sustainable energy source.