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Timeless Wisdom From Shoreline Earth...

It's my great good fortune to have spent much of my adult life working as a boat carpenter.

I first heard 'make a mark not a scar' in the early 70s, from an old time wooden boat builder who taught me the real skinny.

We were laying out a new Mahogany plank for a very fancy yacht.

I was tasked with marking and cutting said plank to length.

It was an honor for a young guy to be trusted with this crucial part of the job.

After measuring to his satisfaction, the old timer handed me a steel straightedge and a scriber.

A scriber scratches the plank with a sharply cut line along the straightedge, rather than using a pencil which blurs and leaves graphite residue that might be visible once finished.

The wise old master then said 'make a mark, not a scar', meaning 'hey rookie, it's all yours, don't hack it up'.

I've taken that shared wisdom and applied it to life in general.

It's good advice for these times.

As is the following.


EARTH LOVES CHANGE...from molten rock to verdant paradise.

What’s not to love?

As for us, not so much.

Change is confusing, frightening, and very costly.

But it is never going to stop.

If it did, the party would end faster than you can say no more beer and nachos.

Let’s take this from there.

Today’s debate over Global Warming/Climate Change leading to environmental catastrophe, versus ‘no big deal it’s all a hoax’, is just that, debate, a reason to exercise our tonsils.

The debate over change provides jobs for commentators, presents fodder for further discussion, and leaves us all hot under the collar no matter which side we are on.

There is not one person alive who knows exactly what is happening, or if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

The scientists reporting on their findings would produce thorough reports on said findings even if only ten people read them for peer review.

Science is a publish or perish world.

In recent years those scientific papers, primarily intended for peer review, have become the hot topic of the day.

The pols and pundits reading and commenting on these reports have absolutely zero understanding of what they are reporting.

If they did, they’d be scientists not politicians or talking heads.

That said, why am I wasting my time writing about it.

I am neither a scientist nor a talking head.

I have no dog in this fight.

BUT...I despise BS, anger, pompous declarations from either side, and the tension it generates for those around me.

My environment is being damaged from both sides.

At age 71, I’ve been there, done that, and been confronted by this same debate for decades.

It was not that long ago that Earth was cooling dangerously according to the talking heads.

So you say, “Hey man, if you don’t like it, turn it off”.

Retreating to the hills and living off the grid amounts to quitting, that’s why.

Progress is human nature.

We have no brakes, no reverse, and to be honest, it’s pretty friggin’ exciting to be a part of it.

Sometimes terrifying indeed, but always exciting.

Let’s get on with it.

I hope this outlook helps because, “You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem”.

A really smart guy named Eldridge Cleaver said that during a period of great turmoil in this incredible land of ours.

Cleaver was a badass colored guy in case you have forgotten him.

During that same tumultuous time, a badass white guy said, “There are no problems, only solutions.”

That guy was John Lennon.

‘Nuf said…”



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