Here's the real skinny...

Timeless Wisdom From Shoreline Earth...

It's my great good fortune to have spent much of my adult life working as a boat carpenter.

I first heard 'make a mark not a scar' in the early 70s, from an old time wooden boat builder who taught me the real skinny.

We were laying out a new Mahogany plank for a very fancy yacht.

I was tasked with marking and cutting said plank to length.

It was an honor for a young guy to be trusted with this crucial part of the job.

After measuring to his satisfaction, the old timer handed me a steel straightedge and a scriber.

A scriber scratches the plank with a sharply cut line along the straightedge, rather than using a pencil which blurs and leaves graphite residue that might be visible once finished.

The wise old master then said 'make a mark, not a scar', meaning 'hey rookie, it's all yours, don't hack it up'.

I've taken that shared wisdom and applied it to life in general.

It's good advice for these times.


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