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Confront Climate Change.

Get over TRUMP.

Develop solutions.

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Forget "Save the Earth".

Climate Change is all about us


We've caused a lot of changes by ignoring all the warnings in favor of progress.

Humans have known for decades that pumping toxic fumes into the atmosphere is very risky.

But, when all is said and done, taking big gambles in the name of progress is what we do.

We doubled our population in fifty years, with the help of fossil fuels.

That’s remarkable success.

We knew the risks.

Life provides no guarantees, it’s all about risk/reward.

Will our big gamble pay off?

Can we find a way to balance progress with consumption?

The Climate Crisis is 100% on us.

We own it, we brought it on, and now we’re mired in it.

On a positive note, Earth’s changing climate transcends all boundaries.

If the threat of destroying our niche doesn’t bring us together, what will?

Change is here.

So are we.

It’s up to us. 

Here’s the situation.

Burning fossil fuels is changing our environment to the detriment of all.

That’s the downside.

The upside is, burning fossil fuels is the reason for our incredible recent success. 

Procreation is the secret to success for any species.

We are breaking population records every second.

Since we started using massive amounts of fossil fuels to propel us forward, we have more than doubled the number of people on Earth.

During this same period many deadly diseases have been eradicated, increasing human life span.

It’s all looking good for us.

And, no matter what we do, EARTH DON’T CARE!



We Do!

The Toxic Environment we've been dreading for so long is upon us.

We’re surrounded by nastiness, from Earth's Climate, to the Political Climate, to the Climate of the Court.

Everything is hot, and getting hotter by the minute.

It’s time for cooler heads to prevail.

Welcome to the natural course of events.



Nature is immune to us.

The natural course of events has been going on since long before we were here, and will continue long after we’re gone.

We cannot harm planet Earth.

We can destroy our niche.

To believe that we have somehow damaged this planet by scratching her surface and releasing CO2 into the atmosphere is the ultimate vanity.

Think about what you know of Earth's history.

Our actions are insignificant when compared to the tumult of the past.

Maybe Earth feels better having subsurface pressures relieved, and her surface warmed.

Who knows?

Everyone loves to ponder existence.

Ponder this.

What if humans are here on Earth to alter the environment?

Picture yourself orbiting the planet, just far enough away to see roads, large ships, and aircraft.

The image would be much like that of an anthill.

We follow the same paths, back and forth to the same places, day after day, after day.

All powered by combustible fuel we extract from Earth’s surface.

The smoke trails off into the atmosphere all day, every day.

From your orbiting vantage point, it appears humans spend every waking minute doing everything possible to release CO2 into our surroundings.

Our personal motivations, accomplishments, doubts, fears, etc. are meaningless exercises, implanted to occupy our minds while we endure the drudgery.

All of which leads us back to the ultimate vanity, our self-endowed superior intellect.

If we are so friggin’ smart, why can’t we see that we are mindlessly consuming our niche, while Earth spins merrily along, with not a thought for our well being, or any concern for her own.

This is up to us, kids.

Deal with it.

Do you think nature cares more about us than she did about Trilobites and Dinosaurs?

Look at it this way.

Nature is operating at her own pace.

We are part of nature, part of the natural course of events.

Our actions are as natural as rain.

If consuming fossil fuels has warmed the planet’s surface, it’s all part of the cycle.

Sea level rise coupled with powerful coastal storms will cleanse the shoreline.

That could be a good thing from Earth’s point of view.

Species will adapt or die as always.

We gotta quickly adapt to our newly altered niche, not save the planet.

As for us, it’s up to us.


We're going through an evolutionary change in real time.

In the past we've studied these events as part of the Archaeological record.

Now, our environment changes overnight.

That's acceleration.

Hang onto your hats.

This is gonna be like livin’ at light speed.

Don’t blink!


I love feeling like part of an infinite Universe that is a living, breathing, pulsating thing.

I do not love feeling like a parasite.

The loss of expansion from our collective psyche has us feeling down.

There's a general tone of negativity destroying our enthusiasm.



TRUMP’s view on Climate is the same as he stated on Saudi Arabia.

There’s too much money at stake to bother with the truth.

Nothing further.


He's not going away.

Try seeing him the way I do.

You'll feel better.


Click above.



Welcome Aboard The Climate Change Express.

Big changes and human progress go hand in hand, full speed ahead, pedal to the metal, with no back up and no brakes.

The battle to stop Climate Change is a self-serving guilt trip, a waste of precious time.

We cannot stop or change direction.

That fork in the road came a long time ago.

This is the path we have chosen.

There are no do overs.

ADAPT...Instant Evolution.

              TIDAL POWER 


Heads Up From Nature

Demand Tidal Power 

The Natural Remedy For Sea Level Rise

  • We need to come to our senses about sea level rise very soon.
  • Port cities around the world face emergency construction efforts, as we attempt to hold back the rising tide.
  • Without protection, coastal infrastructure will soon be inundated
  • These projects will place unprecedented demand on the electrical grid. 
  • That said, how stupid would it be to consume vast quantities of fossil fuels, the root cause of global warming, to generate the electricity needed in our upcoming battle against sea level rise?
  • Tidal Power, the natural way to go, makes a lot more sense.


Good or bad, right or wrong, there never was a single yesterday that applies to our current situation.

There is no history lesson for today.

We're on our own, making it up as we go along.

Simply put, without consuming oil, gas, and coal to produce the needed materials for infrastructure recovery and coastal remediation, we are in trouble.

The problem is now.

There is no suitable alternative anywhere on the immediate horizon. 

We cannot simply stop burning fossil fuels.

The economy will screech to a halt.

That's the basic argument we will be hearing from those currently in power. Infrastructure and the enormous profits to be made from fossil fuels will take precedence over debatable climate issues.

“The worst stuff won't happen until after I'm gone”.

The future is being decided by a bunch of rich, old, white guys enjoying their last hurrah, making and breaking the rules while they rake in the $$$.

What do they care?

They’ll be in their mausoleums soon.

In the meantime, there is a lot of money to be made from fossil fuels before climate gets totally out of control.

TRUMP knows that.

He is busy planning to get as much of that money as he can by branding the future TRUMP.

He will soon be expecting a piece of the action from every deal on Earth.

There will be faux gold TRUMP placards on everything.

Even those annoying little stickers on every piece of fruit will say TRUMP.

Try to imagine how proud he will be of himself when he's recognized as the greatest Shyster of all time.

He's doing it right in front of our eyes.

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