Welcome To The Frontier

Frontier USA.

This is uncharted territory. 

We The People v. Confusion To The Enemy...

The Enemy Is Us.

Divide This, M'fer.

United We Stand.

The Motion Of The Ocean

Is The Solution To Pollution. 

Tidal Power consumes zero.

All we do is borrow energy from the tide

Tidal Power will ease the economic burden of sea level rise, while expediting development of a sustainable energy source. 

Computer Artistry

Coming Soon.

Stay Tuned!

Heads Up From Nature

Demand Tidal Power 

The Natural Remedy For Sea Level Rise

  • We need to come to our senses about sea level rise very soon.
  • Port cities around the world face emergency construction efforts, as we attempt to hold back the rising tide.
  • Without protection, coastal infrastructure will soon be inundated
  • These projects will place unprecedented demand on the electrical grid. 
  • That said, how stupid would it be to consume vast quantities of fossil fuels, the root cause of global warming, to generate the electricity needed in our upcoming battle against sea level rise?
  • Tidal Power, the natural way to go, makes a lot more sense.